WIP Character Sheet


Well, the idea was to make a kid friendly sheet for my 6 year old who says “I wanna play the real dungeons and dragons.” So I was still gonna use ICRPG because… well, he’s 6 and cant read the PHB :laughing:

Anyway, I started mocking up a character sheet with icons & words so he can start associating that way. I still think this is kind of much for a 6 year old, so will probably chop it up a bit and use fewer stats (I think wis and int are redundant for a kid for example).

I will also get rid of the Loot boxes in favor of cards. I’ll get some Avery Business card stock and print gear that way.

My first mock up had things like Move Speed, Proficiency, Perception, Initiative…

Anyway, submitted for your amusement. Ideas/critiques welcome.



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You might want to take a peek at Hero Kids RPG, for some additional ideas. The system is very light, focused exclusively on young players. It’s got some good GM advice for running games for kids, and the variety of prepared adventures for the system are easy to run, with the right amount of satisfying combat for kids.

It’s also a heavy print-and-play system, so you can mix-and-match printables as desired.

Maybe start with HK, and let them graduate to the “real” role playing after they outgrow the training wheels. :wink:


I like the above sheet, looks slick and easy to read. I also second skippy’s suggestion of looking at Hero Kids for inspiration in simplicity.


A couple weeks ago I ran ICRPG as is for my Nephew and Nieces, the youngest are 4 years old. They had no problem picking up the rules.

I like the sheet you’re making though, looks fun!


Thanks @skippy and @Kindred for the HK recommendation. I’d forgotten about it really. I think it uses dice pools?

A good place for inspiration at the least


Yeah. I had bought it and then was making a kid version of ICRPG for it up until I realized the dice pool was taking away from what ICRPG was. BUT like you said it was great inspiration and helped me decide what things to simplify for kids.


That is encouraging to hear! It seems simple enough even a caveman could play it


Have you seen Amazimg Adventures? I really like that for a rpg designed with kids in mind


Neither of my kids had trouble with D&D when they were little - then my wife who never gamed came on board for ICRPG and said it was way easy.

Both systems are simple after a few rounds of actual play. I would suggest sitting together and asking “what do you want to be” and doing all the stats / gear for them.

Then slowly show them how the character sheet works. By round 6 or so, you will find a child saying I use DEX! After their first crit, they will roll a second one and say I add ultimate!

All kids are different. My kids thought hero kids was blah - it was too simple. Don’t underestimate based on age.

I like the character sheet!