Wilderness Random Encounter table!


Hail friends! Here is a 50 entry random encounter table I created for an upcoming 5e game. It’s based on the wilderness around the Keep on the Borderlands, and assumes a 60 mile hex zone divided into smaller 6 mile hexes. While the numbers may not be exact for ICRPG, I hope this resource is helpful to someone! :slight_smile:

Roll d6 every 4 hours in the wilderness. On a 6, roll d100 for a random encounter, sorted by broad party level! Interpret and enjoy a living wilderness!


Great! What do you mean by level, and how are you interpreting that with ICRPG?


This is primarily a 5e resource because I know a lot of us play 5e still. On the other hand, I would just eyeball it for ICRPG since you can easily modulate health, damage, DC, use extras/minions, etc. :smiley:


Hey all! Just necro’ing this old thread of mine with some more Random Tables! Here are 20 random things to see in the forest and in open terrain to help you spice up those overland travel moments! :slight_smile: I usually roll these ahead of time when I can, and then figure out if they are just scenery or possible encounter sites. I also almost always “pin” these location on the map when they’re generated - so that coming back through the same location later is consistent and can be used as landmarks. Enjoy!


  1. A strange stretch of twisted trees, and gnarled root passages
  2. A tree marked with white chalk. The symbol is a circle with a line through it (in the roots, moldy cheese)
  3. An uprooted tree that provides a nice rest spot, small worms moving about the dirt
  4. A small, unmarked grave
  5. Signs of a recent skirmish, broken arrows, disturbed earth, and drying blood
  6. A boulder with a crude face carved into it
  7. A large grey and brown owl, watching them carefully (druid?)
  8. A massive tree with wooden steps and a door. Inside, a family of chipmunk-folk! Greyband, Yipyip, Jumper, and Rosy
  9. A family of deer, roaming casually and paying you no attention
  10. A screen of butterflies leaving a flowery patch
  11. A triggered pit trap, with a skeletal corpse in it
  12. A slimy trail of a giant snail, following it reveals the snail to be devouring an equally large mushroom.
  13. Weird tunnels, about 2x2 ft, that go… somewhere
  14. Overgrown skeletal remains in rusted, useless armor. Next to them is the skeletal remains of a child.
  15. A tiny runestone, orange inscription (1 charge, firestarter)
  16. A dismembered goblin, the limbs placed on sticks and shoved back into its body
  17. A beautiful orange-leaved tree, standing out among the rest
  18. A human-sized, but empty, snail shell
  19. A large boulder covered in brilliant, moist moss. (Rest = Full HP)
  20. A beautiful red and pink flower, all puffed up and exuding sweet smells

Open Land:

  1. Rolling hills, stretches of patchy ferns and slow shrubs
  2. A copse of thin, needle-like trees that house stick insects
  3. A small herd of grazing animals, the first you’ve seen in these parts
  4. A small, rocky hillside covered in vegetation and splotches of trees
  5. A span of bright green grass, with fist-sized rocks strewn about.
  6. Dozens of birds flocking across the sky, a blur of blue and pink
  7. A carved, redwood bench in the middle of nowhere
  8. A quarter-mile stretch of bright pink flowers
  9. An odd swath of valley covered in tiny burrows, similar to worm holes, but about 4 inches across
  10. An unmarked grave, dug up and the skeletal remains chewed on
  11. Signs of a blood struggle - the grass is blackened with dried blood, and a shattered sword lay nearby
  12. Amid a circle of a hundred pebbles, a squirrel skull
  13. The remains of a thin, now-dried river
  14. A man-shaped section of dead grass
  15. Several grasslands-style trees with curious little birds cocking their heads at you
  16. An abandoned campsite, the fire burned to ash
  17. A stretch of black, burned grass - the site of a recent brush fire
  18. A fox den. Within, the remains of the foxes
  19. A rocky, dirt valley that has water pooling in several places from the recent rains
  20. A boulder field, the stones having faintly carved faces


I love these sorts of charts. There’s so much inspiration in them. Thx