Wilderness Battle Map


I feel obligated to respond to the “call to action” post, as this community and Hank have contributed so much to my ability to be a good dungeon master. So here it is - the battle map of the wilderness made by me. Feel free to use it!


And there is printer-friendly version.


Maaaan we have some really talented map makers up in here!!


My first though when I saw this was the circle of rocks was a rock golem coming out of the ground. Looks great!


me: looking at comment. looking at map. looking back at comment
This could totally work!
Now I must draw 3 more versions of this to add a TIMER magic :smile:
Great idea, thank you.


I love it! Glad I could help. When you are done with that, I will have to figure out a way to include it in my game.


This is fantastic! Well done.


This looks fantastic, dude! :herocoin:


Nice one dude! :herocoin: