Who Remembers The Grizzly Rant?


The Grizzly Rant blog is back!!! :slight_smile: It was down for a while due to domain issues. Fixed now!

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Huzzah! Glad to see you made that Recover roll!


This is great, thank you.


Will there be more rants?! :smiley:


Hopefully, need a good topic for it though.


I was pointing someone on discord to your blog and found it no longer there. Are you maintaining the blog posts anywhere else that I could point to? In particular, your post on Chunks as Story, but really all your stuff was solid and helpful.


I’m also curious what the status of the blog and other grizzly projects are, but totally understand if they are on the back burner. In the mean time though, there are snapshots of the blog using the wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20200802154413/https://www.thegrizzlyrant.grizzlytabletop.com/2018/05/chunks-as-story-roleplay-and-mystery-in.html


Wayback likes you better. I got nothing useful when I searched it. Thanks for the link!




The links don’t work!

Mine heart it is on the roller coaster of fears and tears.


Hey @Lon, I’ve been dealing with some serious life issues and haven’t been online in some time. The domain expired and so the new link for the blog is grizzlytabletop.blogspot.com. As this is back to an open source domain it will likely not change in future.

Just so that interested parties see this, @jinkywilliams, @KaneDriscol @GMagnus, @Chaosmeister. I don’t have plans for more blog posts for now, but have other projects I’m thinking about including a business model overhaul. In the process of looking up the old blog to find the issue, I also found two of my pwyw products on pirate sites, which is simultaneously baffling and disheartening…

I might make a post detailing some of my intended projects, but motivation is hard to find atm. Right now, I’m mostly finished with one, a non-magical hero creator based on MAGIC and Khans Spells and Feats, and want to redo JOURNEYS and CIVILIZATIONS.

Anyways, I have hopes to be more active now. Cheers!


Thanks for the update and hope things improve. Take whatever time you need. We’re here for you! :shield:


Glad to hear you are still in the mix, and hope you clobber all the serious life issues right quick from here on out.

Take care of yourself and thank you for your generous shares!



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