Where Doth Thou Reside?



Hey @Levi_E! Glad to see you here! Thanks for introducing me to all of this. So fun that a friend of mine is also on the forms here. We have known each other since we were 14


Wow!!! @Shadymutha If we don’t step up, RunehammerCon is going to be in Fargo or Bismarck.


Lol! Yuuuuuup. Race ya.


A Small town on the East Coast of (one of the) viking land Norway here.


@Paxx sounds like a good plan! We have lots of fun things to do in Fargo.


While I do want to visit, there are too few direct flights from anywhere to there.
And you don’t have mountains. I get lost in places with no mountains.

But for the 4 months of decent weather you get, I’d love to visit. Everyone I know from there loves it. But getting there is problematic. And winter is…daunting.


I’m from Milford Michigan, just a skip and jump outside of Detroit.


the canarie islands?


A bearded viking here from Copenhagen Denmark , the Paris of the north :slight_smile:


The beautiful island of Puerto Rico!


Bohemia. For real. It’s a region in northern Czech Republic. It’s not as cool as it sounds (the economy isn’t great - living costs have risen to become about the same as our neighbors in Germany but we make due on about 1/3 the average income - thanks EU). But the beer is great, the rolling hills are covered in forests full of blueberries and mushrooms and D&Desq locations can be found in every village.

@Oned20, just had a chance to visit Copenhagen this summer and absolutely loved it. Now I’m wishing everywhere would raise taxes on cars to make such peaceful cities.


Bavaria, Germany, near Munich.


Southern California, between L.A. and Palm Springs


I probably drive by ya on my way out to Big Bear from AZ.


Yep, you probably pass through Redlands. I’m right at the base of the mountains.
And I likely passed you on my way to Crit Hit this year.


Well, shit. I was at CritHit as was one of our other prolific ICRPG lumpy heads.

Point taken, need to publicize when we’re getting out to hobby events so we can boost that shield wall with an in-house person beer.


Just outside Tampa Florida.


i hail from the Halls of Chickasha, Oklahoma. it sucks here.


Lovely Columbus, Ohio here!


Agreed - I was at CritHit too…