Where Doth Thou Reside?



I’m from Israel! Not a lot of people know ICRPG over here


Yo tampoco haré chistes argentinos. Y eso que mi cuñado es porteño. Un placer tener hispanoparlantes por acá.


אחלן. אני לא ישראלי אבל גרתי ארבע שנים בירושלים. טוב להיות בקשר @_Diabolic


Kaohsiung, Taiwan here.


Alaska (Northman here)


Well I’m moving from Israel to Boston today! Hopefully I’ll find more people to play with there!


That’s a helluva move. Travel well.


Stoke, UK
Finding it hard to find players. How has no one in this country heard of the great game that is ICRPG!? :man_shrugging:


I live in East Wenatchee, Washington–right about in the middle of the state, about three hours from Seattle on one side, Spokane on the other or down to the Tri-Cities.

Good area. Lots of gamestores. Surprisingly not a huge number of roleplayers though. Most of the folks we game with are people we introduced to the hobby.


Phoenix, Arizona…been around the Valley of the Sun for a while now.


What?! The shields are strong in Phoenix. I’m here, too. West side.


Yea, I’m not far from the 17, if I figure out how to PM we can exchange some type of info.


Brisbane, Australia.


Bismarck, North Dakota, (USA)


Woohoo! More North Dakotans! If I ever swing your way I’ll send you A DM :slight_smile:


I’m in Chicago, IL and have been for the last 30 years.


Living in Bournemouth, UK since 2014 but I’m originally from Canary Islands, a spanish colony. I’ve lived most of my life in a series of islands near North Africa surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.


Lumpy heads, today I met a local through Runehammer. No kidding, I woke up to a message from @peterfromfargo and bam, in under six hours we met at our local game shop. I met his family, also gamers, who are excited to get ICRPG underway here in Fargo.

Y’all, the grassroots are real. Keep networking. Keep spreading the Runehammer goodness. The Shield Wall grows!


That is awesome. I’ve done the same. Myself and @Paxx got the chance to meet up and now game together. I’ve also met and played several games with @ezzerharden. There are great folks holding shields.


It was awesome! I bought the pdf, came on the forums and went to “looking for group”. Literally first post I saw was someone from Fargo! This is my first foray into table top rpgs and looking forward to all the stories and adventures.