Where Doth Thou Reside?



I’ll try not to make any colombian jokes lol! It’s really nice to see a south american brother/sister around here! <3


I’m from Israel! Not a lot of people know ICRPG over here


Yo tampoco haré chistes argentinos. Y eso que mi cuñado es porteño. Un placer tener hispanoparlantes por acá.


אחלן. אני לא ישראלי אבל גרתי ארבע שנים בירושלים. טוב להיות בקשר @_Diabolic


Kaohsiung, Taiwan here.


Alaska (Northman here)


Well I’m moving from Israel to Boston today! Hopefully I’ll find more people to play with there!


That’s a helluva move. Travel well.


Stoke, UK
Finding it hard to find players. How has no one in this country heard of the great game that is ICRPG!? :man_shrugging:


I live in East Wenatchee, Washington–right about in the middle of the state, about three hours from Seattle on one side, Spokane on the other or down to the Tri-Cities.

Good area. Lots of gamestores. Surprisingly not a huge number of roleplayers though. Most of the folks we game with are people we introduced to the hobby.


Phoenix, Arizona…been around the Valley of the Sun for a while now.


What?! The shields are strong in Phoenix. I’m here, too. West side.


Yea, I’m not far from the 17, if I figure out how to PM we can exchange some type of info.


Brisbane, Australia.