Where Doth Thou Reside?



Hail from the great Chicago


I reside in the suit-stained capitol…Salem Oregon! I raise my mug to the shield wall.


Greetings from Washington County Ohio … well met.


I too am in Portland. I don’t have firm plans yet for Game Storm, but I have gone to it several times in the past and am considering hitting up at least the Saturday this year. I’d love to meet some of my fellow lumpyheads.


I’m in Portland. And I can’t seem to get any of my regular RPG buddies to get interested in ICRPG so I’d love to actually play it with someone.


Wondering if there might be 2 or 3 more people around Portland who want to play…


Anywhere near Cumberland, MD?


Cumberland Maryland (Western)


Not anymore. But I used to go to WVU and passed through Garrett County, Allegany County, and Cumberland many times. I have also fly-fished the casselman river. :grinning:


Where abouts? I’m in Eugene/Springfield!


nmatheis, count me in. Any other takers? Let’s work out a where and when.


Home of Harbor Freight Tools #1!


I’m on the west side of Phoenix AZ


I’m north of Dallas, TX. Sounds like I’m Texan #3, and we’re all hours apart, heh.


London, UK. Across the pond


Southern California, near Riverside.


Boise, Idaho…kinda near Portland and Seattle.


I grew up in So Cal and spent a good amount of time dying around the Riverside and Corona areas. Good times though it’s changed dramatically since.


Colombian dude living in Oklahoma City.


I’ll try not to make any colombian jokes lol! It’s really nice to see a south american brother/sister around here! <3