Where Doth Thou Reside?



Hi Everyone,

Northeast Ohio near Youngstown


I hail from farther north, but Southern MD currently.


Modesto, California

(About 1.5 hour drive from San Fransisco)


Oregon! I live in the Willamette valley. :grin:


Closet person to Seattle so far!


Tampa, FL checking in!


CAAaannnnaaaaDaaaaaa! Ain’t near you, buy I wis good luck finding player near you! :sweat_smile: :canada:


Western Washington State myself. If @DMChef or any other peeps in the area want to set up some ICRPG at a local venue or con, hit me up~!


I’m another one from the Mississippi Gulf Coast…


I’m in northern Oregon myself, near Portland @Wildstar


MidTen, here. River country, if anyone knows…


Good to know @Lakins! Will you (or anyone else here) be attending the Game Storm con this March? I’ve never been to it but I could likely make the trip this year if it meant an opportunity to get in some ICRPG!


https://gamestorm.org/ i will look in to the event. @Wildstar


Montreal city in Canada


Hey Neighbor!

I live in Richmond. We need to get a game together!


For sure. I just sent you a message.


Biloxi, Mississippi, on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.


Hey whats up man Im from the Mississippi Gulf Coast too.


That is nothing short of amazing, that we’d be so close … very cool.


Michigan, Upper Peninsula. The winter wonderland.
Closest comrades: Spizzzle and SonOfSofaman