Where Doth Thou Reside?



Yeah! Just a few hours. I’ve never been to SF, but I travel a lot for the SCA. I’ll message you if I’m ever passing through. Feel free to let me know if you’re ever in Fargo.


North New Jersey here.


@Andreas Hellz yeah! Sounds good. There’s an awesome LGS downtown, Game Chest, also craft brews and food in the same building.


Me too @JDStirling We should meet up at Game Empire in Mira Mesa for a session! You know of any other players who would be down for a live session?


@BigGrump, the only local folks I have left around here is my brother. The rest of my group moved out of state. It’d be awesome to get a game going. Game Empire is only like 20 minutes away on the freeway. :metal: I’m up in Escondido.


@JDStirling east county so also about 20 minutes from there. I will have to see if I know of anyone who would be up for a session. I am in a similar boat in terms of a group. That place is perfect. Especially now that they have partnered with the bar next door and have side game rooms IN the bar-side of their joint space. I know the local D&D league runs out of there via Warhorn (event forum thing) and is popular. I was tempted to go to one to feel out random players to set up an ICRPG session at a later date. Also the owner is way cool. When I bought fire and ice the war game for my kid he gave me a 4x6 board for us to play on for free. It was just plywood but still a cool gesture. He plays at his own tables regularly with customers too. Nice guy.


I hail from Minneapolis, MN USA, just a stone’s throw from your Andreas. A really, really long throw.


Cape Town, South Africa.


Zef my friend!!! :sunglasses:


Greetings and salutations from Tampa, Florida!


I am from Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany :metal:


Finland, the land of Northern lights :wink:


My family here in the states is from there. In Iowa there’s also Schleswig & Holstein both named after respectively. May be related to a few of your neighbors.


Central Maine, for me.


I am! About an hour away from ya, my friend!


Rad! Perhaps we should game one of these days.


I’d be done for that! Managed to get a friend here hooked on it and my wife plays, so we could perhaps get a full game going!


Nice, I’ve hooked some folks out here as well. My brother, his girlfriend, my cousin, and two other friends had never played tabletop rpgs before and now they all love it. I’m sure we can figure out a game. I wouldn’t mind gming or being a player, I think they’re both fun roles.


Wiltshire, England… Spiritual home of bacon.


Near Birmingham, UK (the original)