Where Doth Thou Reside?



Austin, TX. Party at the moon tower, y’all.


moving to CO springs in march


Magandang umaga din, sir Lon. Well met!

Baguio is still beautiful. Sort of. If you discount the traffic it suffers now haha. Camp John Hay is still the same, albeit changing with the times.


Potsdam, Germany :de:

Residence of kings with palaces, parks and waterways.


Nice dude, I love this state. The mountains are beautiful.


Sadly, no. But I do occasionally travel to Pittsburgh. Let’s go PENS!!! :penguin:


Calgary Alberta, Canada


Southern Maine here!


Central Massachusetts


I live around Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!


I’m just down the road in Bismarck


Nice! I don’t get out there often, but maybe we can meet up some time. Let me know if you’re ever in Fargo.


Weesconsin up north here!


Homewood, IL (South Burbs of Chicago)


Nice to see another Calgarian!


Big Bear, Southern California… the mountain part, not the crazy city part!


I don’t make it to Fargo all that frequently these days, but I’ll try and remember to hit you up if I get there and have some free time.


I’m Sioux Falls, SD. just a bit to the south of u


I’m in the fourth largest city in the U.S. and no other lumpy heads live here. Shoulda lived in Portland or Germany apparently.


We must infect those around us.