Where Doth Thou Reside?



:herocoin: for you :slight_smile: It’s developing alright, but kinda backwards.


I live on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi


the mountains of western north carolina.


I grew up in South Florida. Both my parents were teachers, and we took long summer vacations at Beech Mountain, NC. I have many fond memories of that area. What city are you in?


Originally from Detroit, but I’ve been living in Denver for about a year and a half. Anyone else gaming in CO?


I am in Sylva, which is about an hour west of Asheville. Coincidentally, I am originally from Miami FL!


On the banks of the Wabash River in Indiana. Nice hour and a half drive to the greatest 4 days in gaming when it’s going on.


No kidding! I’m from Pembroke Pines. I’ve been through Asheville a few times and I always wished to spend more time there.


The graffiti halls of New York


The Bay, California :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Pensacola, Fl here.

Magundang umaga, Eggroll. I have fond memories of Baguio and Camp John Hay from back in like 1985.


Pensacola here, Homebrew, with friends who enjoy the casino in Biloxi more than I do.

We should plan a game!

Not to mention the surprising rest of y’all in the non-panhandle sections of Florida too.


Khan, there was nothing crappy about Marmaris, Turkey back when I was there mumble mumble years ago. It’s always been my favorite port of call memory out of all my time at sea. Matter of fact I was drinking hot apple tea this morning, a tradition I first began there. Couldn’t get into the aylar though! :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m living in Hamburg, Germany. (Though born in Bavaria…)


Wow, the Shield Wall effortlessly spans the globe.


Portland, Oregon, here.


Deutschland! :de:

I lived briefly in Augsburg (which I was told was the capital of Bavaria :smile:) for almost a year as an exchange student. Good to meet you @Serdo!


Gernany, Saarland here. So small, so weird😎


Yea @Lon a game would be cool. There is a place in Biloxi called the wayward kraken that sounds like a cool place to play if you’re ever down here.


Augsburg is very nice. In two days I’ll start my roadtrip for spending my holidays with my family in Neuburg an der Donau (Newcastle upon the Danube) - 50 km north of Augsburg… :wink:
And yes: I lived my childhood in this lovely medieval city.