Where Doth Thou Reside?



St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador Canada! Just about as far east as you can get in North America. Any one else from Newfoundland (or Atlantic Canada) around?


Near Southworth, Washington, USA, immediately due west from West Seattle across Puget Sound


I moved and now live in Elmira, NY :v::grin:


I mentioned this on the Runehammer Discord server, but I sat down yesterday and plotted out all the locations mentioned in this thread to visually show the spread of shields who have chimed in. Pretty crazy to see that the Shield wall circles the earth haha.

Anyway, here’s a link to the map if you’re curious. I can’t say things are perfectly accurate because I placed most of them by hand :rofl: After the fact, I did put together a Google Form that would periodically update the map for me, so I didn’t lose my mind with more map pinning :smiley:

Thanks @Andreas for the awesome thread and the idea about the map with pins :smiley:


Luton Town, UK - just up the road from London.


Silicon valley Bat area Califonia Home of the 49ers


Western Kentucky, USA (between Evansville, IN and Clarksville, TN)


Ditto! Granted, more of a Sharks/Raiders fan (depends on time of year), but i’ll have to root for the home team :smiley:


I’m in Austin, if you’re ever looking to get a game together.


Same here its nice to see another Canadian here


I live in Holt, Michigan. Just outside of the capital city of Lansing.


Budapest, Hungary
(added a reply to the form, too)

I also have 4 players who are not on here.


Calgary Alberta Canada


You need to get ahold of the OG ICRPG Calgary guy, @Dennis_Smithson. Having visited, I have to say, I am jealous y’all have a store like the Sentry Box.


Ive been watching everything for icrpg but i was working on my 5e campaign, i still use lots of icrpg concepts in my games. sorry for going off topic


I think you enjoyed the whiskey more Alex


North west UK here! Across the pond…


The cold, calculating financial heart of North Cack.

Charlotte, North Carolina


On a farm just north of Birmingham Alabama, USA


Portland Oregon, of course