Where Doth Thou Reside?



First time seeing this thread.

Wichita, Kansas here. (United States)


Sounds like there’s a decent contingent close to Portland, Oregon. Enough to get a game going, if we wanted.

Myself, @Alexander_McKechnie, @Lakins, and maybe also @Unggoy and @Anthony_Sanchez are close enough too?


Ah, Right Portland, not Left Portland. More’s the pity.


New Hampshire for me. Located not too far from the seacoast or the White Mountains.


New to the forum, in Boston Mass


Just outside of Nashville Tennessee! ( ROCKY TOP! )


O’ahu, Hawaii, for me :slight_smile:


I lived in Houston for a while, In college. I live in southern Oklahoma now. But hey we are still neighbors at least. :+1:


Tulsa, Oklahoma is where I lay my lumpy head.

More Oklahoma folks here than I expected to see!


Chicago south west side. Moving to central Florida in a few months.


The land of Blood and Snow.
Alaska, Kenai Peninsula.


With the inevitable influx in ICRPG fans hopefully there will be some more UK members who are looking for a game? :crossed_fingers:
I’m from Stoke On Trent, regular 5e player but really want to play ICRPG (haven’t persuaded my group to switch yet)


Brussels - Belgium - Europe


Check out @glocke’s game. He’s looking for some new players in his Europe friendly campaign.


I am in St. Louis Missouri. Let me know if you close to St. Louis.


Montana here… just outside Billings


Leusden, Netherlands


Small world, my colleague comes from Sundvall :slightly_smiling_face:

In Slagelse, Denmark myself


North West of France


Ghent, Belgium! Europe!