Where are you playing ICRPG online?


Hi all, I’m highly interested in getting into some ICRPG online (lacking any local opportunities to date). Are any of you running games on Roll20? Another platform?

I have just signed up on Roll20 in hopes of finding some one shot or larger opportunities. I’m plenty familiar with ICRPG but am looking to get my feet wet as a player on Roll20 (and perhaps GM there down the road).

But I would potentialy also be interested in other online options.

Thanks for any feedback!


I’m running games on Roll20, for sure. I’ll try to throw up an interest post at some point in the not-too-distant future, depending on commitments. A ton of us use it for ICRPG.


Awesome, @Alex ! I’d like to take you up on it next time you run a game with an open seat!


Yeah man. I’ll do my best to get you in a game. Are you generally good 9:30 to midnight eastern time during the weekends?


Yes, I expect I can make that on a Saturday or Sunday.


Currently engaged with D20Pro, as part of CDV. DM if you want to investigate.


if there is room for 1… that would be a good time for me as well…


I’m still up for some ICRPG on Roll20 if anyone wants to set something up, even a one shot.

I’d be happy to GM down the road as well once I pick up how it works there.


#ICRPG irc.darkmyst.org


I just joined a game on role gate. It’s my first time playing ICRPG and first time role playing in a long, long time. Wish me luck…


I had a play by post running on discord. I really love using that app for RPGS