What Would Be Cool?


In Hanks latest video he did a “What would be cool” section which really resonated with me, I think I spend more time thinking “what would be cool” than anything else in the hobby. On that note I thought it would be fun/cool if we all did 3 “What would be cool things”
Go mental! …

  1. A campaign where all the players are animals would be cool.

  2. A dungeon that is inside a ancient tree infected by evil fungi would be cool.

  3. A murder mystery where you all play as undead investigating your own murders would be cool.

Also happy Easter to all, may the were bunny bring dragon eggs to you all! (That’s how it works right?)


Wouldn’t it be cool if…

  1. all of the characters were kid heroes, delving into their very first dungeon?
  2. there was a moment players had to glide from the top of the mountain while avoiding a chasing dragon?
  3. if there was a cavern that messed around and even inverted gravity from room to room?


Wouldn’t it be cool…

  1. To run an all Wizard campaign with ICRPG Magic?
  2. If the players all had a deep dark secret that they are attempting to hide from the other players/NPC’s? (I.E. The ranger is a werewolf, the wizard is the one who killed the prince).
  3. If there was a sketchy janitor at the magic academy who would sell the players discarded practice potions that he was told to dispose of?

  1. Where the GM played the only PC and the players played the voices in the PCs head as well as the obstacles in the PCs path.

  2. Where the Mentor NPC is the sole survivor trying to atone of the adventure the PCs are on.

  3. Sitting around a table of like minded players knowing the journey is the fun part!


Wouldn’t it be cool…

  1. Shield-wall battle like the last episode of Last Kingdom season 1.
  2. Maze of tiny corridors connecting to big rooms where a dragon can land and blow fire down the corridors like laser beams from megaman 2’s quick man stage.
  3. If surface elves were as cool and sexy and mysterious as Drow Elves.


Wouldn’t it be cool…

  1. fighting on the deck of a flaming, crashing airship.

  2. taking control of ancient elemental giants fighting a war vs gods set in the past of the setting.

  3. sloths that are fast. And very angry.


I love the knocked off trainee potion thing. Consider that idea stolen my friend lol.


Thanks! It is one of my favorite ideas. He doesn’t really know what the potions are either, and I figure you roll percentile to see how good/bad they are.


The current discussion in another thread about Pets makes me think of one of my own “what would be cool?” Items:

Using Blood and Snow to run an ElfQuest game. (But it would have a lot of hurdles to overcome with the whole Pets Problem.)

  1. There was a dungeon inside of a PC’s mind? And the player helped run it?
  2. A campaign started in a retro diner instead of a tavern?
  3. There was a knightly order of monsters?


like the “in the mind” idea.

I was intending to do a campaign in the future where the players wake up suddenly on deck of a ship at sea, with no memory what-so-ever of who they are, and no one else is on the ship. (Stolen idea from syfy show Dark Matter).

No memory = no idea who their enemies are, what things they have done, etc.

Could create some interesting social encounters and tension as they slowly find out about themselves. Some of the stuff might be despicable things they did that they would never have their characters do. Maybe some story arcs that involve atonement and redemption.


It would be cool…

  1. A mad-max-esque death race from hell, across purgatory to the gates of heaven
  2. A cyber-punk game all Total Recall style, in which the back story you made isn’t necessarily real
  3. A spirit world in which the spell casters are the tanks, and the tanks are the fragile glass-cannons.