What Timeslots work for people in the Community?


If you
– are interested in playing in online one shots.
– can feasibly make two to three hours in your schedule to play
– and can’t do the early morning games.

I would love to hear your ideal timeslots in this thread. The big one shots in the Runehammer community are all in the early morning, and I don’t something as trivial as schedules to make people unable to game if they want to.


Saturdays work best for me.


With 2 weeks’ notice, I could play almost any night of the week but Tuesday and Sunday, as long as the game is from about 8-11 pm EDT.


I am in Central Standard Time and my best time slots are Fridays 6pm - 1am and some Saturdays 5pm - 1am.


I don’t have a ton of free time with two scheduled game nights a week (a starfinder campaign and test plays for Oaken Hollow Games, https://www.facebook.com/groups/573633010576782/) but typically 6-10p CST Mon or Wed could work. I have always been interested in joining a one shot because you all seem to have such fun ideas!


I could do many a Mon–Fri 8 PM to 12 AM EDT.


I’m looking at a 10PM Eastern game on April 4th, but I’ll post it clearly when it’s more developed