What is the best way to play Xeno Dead Zone online?



I want to have an online XDZ game, but I don’t really know where to start. I’ve never run an online game before.


Roll20 is your friend. The basic account is free — perfect to run XDZ. Watch this video and then play around using the XDZ assets. You’ll be in good shape.


What Alex said, he knows


I’m right with you! Running my first Roll20/XDZ game this week, trying to get my art assets together so I can upload them and host on Roll20. Good luck! If you want to join the game, I’ve got a couple openings, it’s on 6/13 at 7pm PST. Gonna be really casual and we may be figuring out some of this stuff together, still fine tuning the mission so it’s more of a play test.


I would love to join if you still have space!


Great to have you on board! I’ll send out a bit of info soon…hopefully tonight if I don’t get to busy