What happened to the AC&C thread?


Uh oh, seems @DSMyers thread has vanished into the ether :scream:


He asked me to pull it.


That’s what she said


I’ll be honest, I asked Alex to pull it. I wrote AC&C towards the beginning of the pandemic and released it in the middle of it. By the time the shutdown here was over I had lost my business of 4 years (a tattoo shop in Branson MO), I had lost my job, I went through a bankruptcy to get things situated financially… and to top it off some ( a very, very few) ICRPG people were kinda pissy about anything remotely OSR sounding or looking. So i took a break.
And then with a possible 3e on the horizon i waited to see what was going to happen before i pulled the trigger on a new and improved version of ac&c. . .
Which will be out soon… and free.


Hey man, hate to hear about all the stress and woe. This year has been hard all over for a lot of people. Wanted you to know I’m sending some metta your way, and I really appreciate the AC&C stuff you’ve shared with the shield wall.

Hang in there, and my inbox is open if you need somebody to vent to.




Much appreciated Lon, I’m doing a lot better. Just needed a breather.


I’m not a fan of the OSR “label,” and I find that community, in general, to be a little toxic. But I am all in for anyone making any kind of expansion or ruleset. Keep on being creative.

Glad to hear things are shaping up. I hope the steady rise keeps happening.


i am the same with the label, so i usually just say ‘classic fantasy adventure game’ etc. There are a few spots of good communities within the osr but they are small, castles & crusades, the basic fantasy rpg guys etc.


Hahaha. Yep. Perfect.


I love AC&C. I’m looking forward to the new edition. Thanks for all your hard work on it!


Glad to have ya back in here at least. My dm is always open for you.




I agree with the osr label so much, some people just like to moan for the sake of it. Mentioning osr in a post is almost as risky as putting an opinion on a pbta post… Some really volatile and uppity folks in pbta land who like writing paragraphs about why they are right. So much so I’m never doing it again. Lol.


Respect for all the work you do and give to us all. :+1:t2:


Sorry to read that, man. I hope you’ll find a new job soon.


I found a job pretty quickly but it’s an adjustment from being an owner to an employee for sure.


You have two accounts here? :scream_cat: Like me?


My old account I lost when I deleted my Patreon