What does everyone’s dice collections look like?



A superb collection indeed! I have a couple metal sets. I prefer them but they do require a dedicated rolling surface.

I need to get a metal set for my hobbit characters.


Oooh boy, ok.

I have 2 DCC sets, which is not included in my collection as I feel they are more part of the DCC system than of my collection. Never used them outside of playing that game. (Hipocritically, I like the Genesys NDS dice and FATE dice as part of my collection as I feel they have good uses outside of those systems)

Most of the dice I have I do not include in my collection.

So, this is my curated collection, of only dice I really like.

The Flagship of my collection is, obviously, my Aquamarine Gemstone Set, actually made from gemstone. They are just gorgeous. Next to them are my 6 Bescon mini-sets, which are very handy in my DM kit. The Skull dice are not just painted like skulls - they have texture that comprises the curves and holes. Above them are the NDS and FATE dice.

My plan is to get at least 2 more gemstone sets - Amethyst and Jade - and get me some BONE d6s.


Damn, that is a nice collection right there. I didn’t even know they made gemstone dice. I’d be afraid to roll those! lol


I only roll them on padded surfaces - I’m actually in the process of making my own dice tray. But yeah, I roll them with kindness, so to speak.