What do they do?



For fun… let’s hear what these Loot’s do/are. For these and more, visit James Perrett on instagram.


The Ring O’ Rosey - EPIC item, WIS spell, FAR range, 1d6 targets affected, user chooses. Targets’ pockets (or other containers on person) start spewing flowers for 1d3 rounds, hindering targets’ vision and movement (HARD rolls). A naked person or normal beast has no pockets. A naked person wearing a mojo bag or a money pouch — possibly just socks — has a pocket.


LIFE OF THE FOREST STAFF - Magic Item. Walk safe and never spend Supplies through any forest. Sacrifice to cleanse any Curse.


The Leaf Keeper

Magic Item. Up to 7 leaves may be attached at one time.

If adorned with 7 leaves of a specific type of tree, grants the wearer a boost depending on the type of leaves.


  • Oak: +1 Strength
  • Maple: +1 Intelligence
  • Walnut: +1 Wisdom
  • Tree of Life: Immortality!

Note: Boosts may vary depending upon the DM and rarity of the source of leaves.


Last Kilnbark Axe-the Kilnbark axes were forged by the elven kind with the aid of the Dwarven folk, for the Flash wars. During this time, the Memphit king had been laying waste to all greenery and combustibles.


Green Vale Book :leaves:

MAGIC. Created by the children of the forest many centuries ago. Once a day ask it any question and it will give you a truthful answer. Once a week it will teach you a single use random spell.

Tear out a page, crumple it, and it will create a fireball that does ULTIMATE damage and automatically hits. But if it is used for a fireball, the book turns into dust and is lost forever. Otherwise, the book can only be destroyed by fire from the Burning Branch. :fire:


Vine Arrow:
Hit any one target with a vine arrow and suddenly that target will be surrounded by vines. Need to keep a powerful enemy in place? Vine arrow. Need to keep a spellcaster silent? Vine arrow! Need to escape prosecution for your violations of the Geneva Convention? …vine arrow?

Requires 1 heart basic effort to escape.

Ask your local Druid if vine arrows are right for your specific combat scenario.