What do they do? #3


Number 3 in the “what do they do” series. Art provided by James Perrett


Endless Arrow- When fired it continues around the world and arrives every d12 days. On the day that it arrives, roll a d20, on a 20 it arrives at your location and hits your enemy, passes through it and continues around the world again…


Manam Pray Beads

Cursed Magic Item. Requires an action to use.

The Manam pray beads may be worn and used in prayers concerning decisions. Whenever the beads are invoked in prayer, the wearer always receives a feeling of hesitation and uncertainty. A subtle form of dread, but not enough to cause alarm. The words ”Better Safe than Sorry“ are inscribed on the back of the main pendant.

Scroll of Tomorrow

Magic Item. Requires Hard Wisdom check to use

Whenener opened and read, the scrolls will briefly foretell/warn what will happen to the reader the following day. These are usually cryptic and vague, but occasionally will prove oddly specific.

Example Prophecies

  • A pebble in thy boot shall be the least of thine worries.
  • The raven’s shadow shall fall upon thee and your companions


Morning Amulet: when sunlight strikes the bearer after being in darkness for at least 6 hours, their hp is immediately restored, all negative effects are removed, and they are immune to fear, charm, or paralysis for 1 hour.

Bone axe: d6 damage. On a critical the axe breaks and a piece remains lodged in the opponent, giving them a -1 to all rolls.

Shadow ring: anyone who meets you while wearing this ring will forget about you as soon as you are out of sight.

Potion pouch: herbal ingredients are placed in the pouch, enough for 5 potions. The user makes an int check to reach into the pouch and pull out a magically brewed potion that heals a particular ailment as required by the user. On a failed check the potion has a 50% chance of being poison.

Forever candle: as long as the candle is lit the person who lit it is immune to death.

Death keeper necklace: stores 3 souls that may be used to pay off Death in place of one’s own life.

The third bracer: the user sprouts a third arm made of shimmering metal and holding a bow of pure light.

Manam pray beads: when activated with a wisdom check, the GM rerolls all current timers with d12s instead of d4s. On a failure all timers are reduced to 1.

Scroll of tomorrow: when ripped in half every creature within FAR of the scroll is immediately transported 24 hours into the future.

Endless Fire Arrow: this arrow is never broken or extinguished. It does d8 damage, and if a 7-8 is rolled on the damage the target is ignited.

Sword of swords: when the sword is unsheathed any foes carrying swords within FAR must make a WIS check or drop their swords


The Third Bracer: For those of you with an extra limb hanging around.