What do they do? #2



Some more fun guessing what they do. Love hearing your imaginative idea’s on this stuff guys. Brilliant. Art provided by James Perrett


Serpent Safe–I’m mean, come on, …SNAKE BALL GO! (2d12 Snakes when thrown and broken)
Lost Shard-Belongs a bigger piece of gemstone that was possessed by the kingdom of Agzorn Used long ago to awaken the magic of this realm.


Zande’s Air Telescope

Magic Item - Requires a Wisdom check to use.

Allows the user to see a variety of unseeable things hidden from the naked eye in the air. With a twist of the lens, the user may see traces of:

  • Auras
  • Scents
  • Thermal radiation
  • Various wavelengths (Microwaves, UV, Gamma. How those would prove useful, you tell me)

EDIT: I just realized I left out X-Rays and that would be incredibly useful! “I see that this chest has bones instead of gold… that must mean it’s a Mimic!”


Key of Dreams: As an action, rip open the veil between the conscious and unconscious world, permanently give a -1 to any targets CHA, INT or WIS.

They thought they could lock me away, just leave me to rot in a cave or a dungeon, but with me in your hands… well, I do believe that we can give them my vengeance. One way or another.


The One Seashell:

Make a dexterity roll to throw it into place. When thrown it begins to hum at the targets feet. Then in 1D4 rounds it begins to grow and a giant hermit crab emerges. It is completely feral and will attack the thing its closest to. It will then not let go and do 1D4 per round until it is killed. It will also make the target slow depending on it’s strength. Who would think that a tiny little shell could be the creature that ruined their days?


The lost Shard is the only green crystal that makes wounds to the demi-god. Make a weapon with this green fragment and you have the tool to make a god mortal.


To add on to what Fictifs said, I think it would be cool if it were extremely fragile and only the most advanced blacksmiths in the universe could manage to bind it to an object and cast a spell on it to give it strength in battle.