What are your top 3 most used I'm tools


What are your top go-to resources that get used the most during your adventure prep sessions?

Mine consist of…

  1. The DM & Monster section of ICRPG Core
    For the epic I’m philosophies, room archetypes, and the monsters to mine for idea, use as outlines, and straight up reskinning

  2. The return of the lazy dungeon master
    Mainly just for the Lazy DM check list

  3. A fistful of dice’s better battles table
    For developing timers and encounter environment


Link 3 is Error 523.

Belay my last, it came back.


Notes and npc lists. Room maps, and voice and mirror.

Websites and such are pre prep, then loaded into notes.
I’m mainly trying to get into my main NPCs head space typically if prepping.

Or screw it and I just take my notes and wing it. It’s not like I’ll remember what voice I used next session. My note says old aristocratic woman…was it US blue blood New England or English accent??? Drats, lets just kill her off and use her son instead.

My sessions are my knowing what’s going on in the world around the events of the PCs and the concepts of the NPC reactions. I anchor that with my NPCs. Then my players mess everything up ;-p.
Maps are the best though. Until the players skip the main story and go to save the cooks long lost son who went adventuring 3 years ago and was never heard from again…not the band of bandits attacking the travelers on the north bridge road less than a days ride from the tavern.

I put too much static in my games.