Well this was a cool way to generate buzz for a new campaign



Just saw this on reddit and thought it was very cool and interesting approach of selling your players on the next campaign.

what do you think?


Hype train is leaving the station and I’m on it!



wow…yeah…that would get me pumped to play for sure…super cool


This is a great idea. Anything to market your game to a group of players is always good. But this is really neat! Love the comic style and the long format… reminds me of the movie posters from DEGENESIS, in a way.

Game On!


Great idea. Saved for a future idea.


One aspect I like specifically about this pitch is that the direction could have been left wide open but nope right there in the pitch ‘We will get revenge’. Players right away know the direction the game is heading and whether that interests them or not.


It is a great pitch, it’s ‘The Boys’ for fantasy. Totally fun concept!!!

Personally I’d prefer modern, for this type of game only because there are more points of relation for the players…but regardless underdog/ sabotage the system/ revolution has a huge appeal to many people.