Warpshell: The Dragon



You are invited to join the Warpshell Crew we are assembling.

This will be a crew in the WARMASTERS OF XEVOS style. We intend to run a long campaign. Meeting on Saturdays, one to two times a month as schedules allow, afternoon or evenings .

As an experiment, characters will be 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, re-skinned within our imaginations as Sci-Fantasy within the WARPSHELL setting, largely still using ICRPG core rules as a home brew mix.

You must give permission to be recorded on Roll For Effort if you wish to join. This is not a sponsored recording, and no pay is involved, only fun times.

I’d love to take everyone here, but we have room for two more at the moment. Post if you are interested, the existing crew will help me pick, and I’ll let you know!

Join us!


Definately interested, but do have some questions. Ok to dm?


You bet! You guys are welcome to direct message me here on the forum or post your questions here.


Yes, I am interested Jason. Sounds like an interesting game.



And that’s it guys, we are full, got responses here and through the Immortal’s Discord. Will re-open down the road if we lose anyone!

The youtube video is for anyone to use btw if you want to start your own group with the same hook!


I would be interested. Would it require a camera?

EDIT: Always late to the party it seems :frowning:


this timing would work perfect for me if there is still room for 1…


just read to closing…