Warpshell / Sci Fi VTT Splash Page



Made these for my coming Warpshell game - running my D&D crew through Last Flight of the Red Sword - and figured other folks could use them as I’m always hunting for good splash pages


Those look great! :heavy_plus_sign::one:



I also made one w/o target and times but with more hexes … cause I’m a loon like that :smiley:


Thank you for sharing.


These are awesome… I am designing something similar for my Altered State game. Any chance you have a version of just the frame with no background that you would mind sharing?


Sure here’s the blue “hud” with a simple black background - which should be easily manipulated in your image program of choice.


Thank you so much! This is perfect.


Much appreciated! What do you use the hexes for? :smiley:


I used them to hold PC tokens between scenes.


I just mocked this up for my game using your frame and some free stock art. A bit more detailed, but I am just going to pop it over a cool piece of cyberpunk art depending on the scene.


Hex’s for character tokens between scenes, and the three boxes for combat. Please feel free to take it anyone who can use it!


Thanks man! :smiley: