Warpshell Madness



Thought I’d share this work in progress. Gearing up for a Warpshell campaign I’m gonna run in March. Making One Off art pieces with interesting titles is one way I keep myself looking forward and inspired.
What do you guys do? As players or DMs…


Draw! Solo RPG! Read!


Same, I like running solo games of my npc when I’m in a slump. I know it’s the pc stories and I only plan one session at a time but since we play monthly I like to run mini games with npc and let my world affect its self.


O.O, That sounds really interesting. Kind of like a meta world building session.


Yeah it allows for other factions or hero’s to effect the world kinda of like running separate games in the same world… I feel it makes the world a living place. In my current campaign the pc were planning a heist and another faction they new about was trying to get the same treasure. So in between sessions I solo played the other faction to see if they got to it before the party.