[Warp Shell] Ship's Inventory



This weekend I ran my first ICRPG session of Red Sword on Roll20. WOOT!

So I wanted to give my players a cache of loot on the ship to represent what they would’ve gotten have from previous adventures. I had each roll 4d6 then checked my loot chart (below)

Ship Inventory Loot
1d6 Loot Table

  • 1-2 Shabby Loot
  • 3-5 SciFi Loot
  • 6 Epic Loot

Of the 24 rolls we only got 2 epics.

Here’s the loot they did get !

  • Cyber Lenses : Item, Permanent eye replacements, +1 WIS, Only fail scouting or spotting on a 1
  • Mutate : INT SPELL, Grant 1 minor biological modification such as gills, fins, claws, or fur
  • Elemental Air : WIS POWER, Emit a blast of breathable air, Push objects and targets with +5 STR
  • Armor Repair Kit : Item, Re-usable supplies and tools to fix any ARMOR
  • Carved Tankard : Item, a uniquely crafted drinking mug, huge
  • Coin Satchel : 2D10 Coin
  • Large Magnet : Item, Powerful magnet that can hold 100 pounds
  • Stun Gun x2 : Weapon, Target can roll CON to resist, otherwise STUNNED for 2 ROUNDS
  • Xevosian Crown : Item, +2 CHA, includes rank and title of a Xevos elder
  • Medic Stretcher : Item, Carry a fallen ally with no STR checks
  • Grav Chute : Item, Cradle of dense blue energy, Slow the fall of all NEAR objects or ALLIES
  • Flash Virus : Item, Implant one infectious, indomitable WORD COMMAND into a computer system - RUST
  • Heroic Tabard : Item, Whenever you cry “Huzzah!” those who answer “Huzzah!” roll EASY on their next turn
  • Mastercraft Bullets : Item, Double Weapon Effort on a hit, 3 count
  • Particle Grenade : Weapon, 3 count, Instant or 1 round fuse, Explodes for ULTIMATE damage, NEAR range
  • Gravity Inversion : INT SPELL, Invert gravity within FAR range for 1D4 ROUNDS

The Particle Grenade will be interesting considering the big critter on the ship :slight_smile:


I ran my characters through red sword as newbie characters. It was fun.
They got some good loot as a result of the adventure though.