Warp Shell Loot (INT Spells > Gear)



I was looking for some more loot tables for Warp Shell and thought I would just make some using the INT and WIS Spells and turning them into tech and gear. Here are the INT spells converted into some type of loot. Not very original as it’s mostly Master Edition stuff reskinned but thought it might serve for some inspiration to use Spells as Gear in Warp Shell or other low/no magic settings (of course course some tables have space magic as well).

I didn’t see too much crossover with the SCI FI LOOT table but if anyone can help me locate/reference some more sci fi loot tables please let me know!

INTELLEGENCE Gear [Roll INT to use each of the items below]

  1. THERMAL BOMB: Large explosive that must be dropped (cannot be thrown). Once placed it explodes in 1D4 rounds, including 4D12 on everything in NEAR range.

  2. HARDLIGHT BLASTER: Shards of pure energy. When you only do 1 damage roll effort again against another target FAR or closer.

  3. PULSE EMMITER: ENERGY damage each round for 1D4 rounds.

  4. TELEPORTABUG: 1D4 bug aliens with 1 HP bit for WEAPON damage, ordering them is HARD.

  5. FEEDBACK FENCE: armband that once activated surrounds you with electrical energy, all enemy melee attacks take WEAPON damage automatically for 1D4 rounds.

  6. SYSTEM OVERRIDE: if successful control robot or machine once their HP reaches 0. Robot may become aware each round and break free using CHA .

  7. PROTECTOR DRONE: anytime you are attacked you may activate to block all damage, if fail the drone explodes and you take 1D8 damage.

  8. SHIP REPLICATOR: large, can create any item your mass or less in 1 ROUND or instantly if 12+.

  9. Z5 BUBBLE SHIELD: forms a grid of hexagonal energy shields that provides all allies within NEAR +3 DEFENSE. Lasts until hit.

  10. eye<3U VIRUS: with a HARD INT roll you may infect a enemy with a nanobot virus (ref Cursed Loot table).

  11. LIFEFORCE DISCHARGE: overload your own lifeforce with a nova energy bomb, sacrifice any amount of HP to add 2D12 damage at FAR range, roll DEF to avoid.

  12. CEREBERAL SHOCK GEN: worn on both ears, roll INT and sacrifice 1 HP to destroy 1 HEART of a humanoid shaped creature or smaller.

  13. ECHO SCANNER: NEAR projection of movement within the past 24 hours/rotation.

  14. ZOMBIE GUN RUS-X: fire FAR in order to turn enemy into a zombie-like state, if fails they are enraged and will target you until damaged.

  15. APERTURE HPD: open portal for 1D4 rounds to any location you have been before.

  16. WRIST FLAME PROJECTOR: blast everything within NEAR range and ignite everything flammable.

  17. WR!ST R0CK3TS: FAR range, ignites flammable objects, single use for 2D12 damage.

  18. SHALINSKI’s GROWTH RAY: increase 1x target by 3x its size. +3 to all stats but keep same HP. All attempts to hit are now EASY.

  19. KIRBY’s PEBBLE: toss a small unassuming pebble that transforms into a large cube-shaped boulder that levitates for 1D4 rounds and crushes (kills) anything 3 HEARTS or less.

  20. OMNI-SCANNER: scan creature, object, or land feature to access galactic archives for all available information including known weaknesses.

  21. HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGE GENERATOR: small worn item that creates a mirror clone of yourself. Vanishes in 1D4 rounds or if touched.

  22. REVERSE-STATIC LEVITATION: glove that generates large amounts of reverse static energy upon contact. Lasts for 1D4 rounds, if done on self lasts for 1D6 rounds.

  23. CHARGE BEAM: requires no roll, takes 1 ROUND to recharge, radar shaped ENERGY focusing disk worn on chest, shoots lightning bolt in a straight line all targets roll DEF to avoid. Metal objects take 2x damage.

  24. SEPIKS SERVITOR DRONE: large camera drone that has 10km range. If INT roll is unsuccessful your drone is detected.

  25. LINEAR ARC-WELDER: repair item, vehicle, or weapons instantly can be used even when item is mostly destroyed but takes 1D4 rounds to recharge.

  26. MIND TRAP HELMET: endless looping thoughts, put on to completely immobilize, after 1D4 rounds may make INT rolls to break free.

  27. SHALINSKI’S SHRINK RAY: reduce target 1/10th their size for 1 ROUND. Stats are all -3 but HP stays the same. HARD to target.

  28. BOOM BOX: giant speaker system that blasts your voice FAR. The frequency it is at demands all who hear it listen for 1D4 rounds if they have 3 HEARTS or less.

  29. STEALTH FIELD GENERATOR: allies NEAR are invisible for 1D4 rounds, if they leave NEAR they become visible again. Can still be seen by OMNI-TOOL.

  30. MIND-SWAPPER: necklace worn by 2 or more people that houses a rare gem that allows you to swap minds and control their adventurer.

  31. RIP SCANNER: suit and blaster combo, NEAR range, extract HP from enemy using TOOL effort


That’s an awesome idea to hack the magic into sci fi loot! Great work, I may use these going forward.


Hey! Getting back into ICRPG after a few months. Still have so many unfinished projects as you know but this hobby just never seems to die. On a sci fi kick right now.


I hear ya there, I haven’t been creating much for about a year, just ideas rolling around and word documents started with varying levels of thoughts LoL!


Very clever re-skins