Warp Shell in Star Blazers Setting



I’ve room for one more player for a Warp Shell one shot tomorrow, 4/12 at 6pm Pacific. Roll20 w/ voice.

No knowledge of Star Blazers required though you’ll enjoy the flavor if you are familiar with the classic series. New or even 1st time ICRPG players are welcome!

All you need is to bring a Warp Shell character built from the core book. I can even provide you a pre-gen if you want. The only real effort you need to make is what you roll in the game! :slight_smile:

Are you free tomorrow evening? Then join me and @Jkroy @TYMONGER & @Sweenie_McGuffin for an awesome time! Hit me up here or in a DM and I’ll invite you to our Discord channel.


Im down if theres still room


Glad to have you, @Data_Lore! I’ve messaged you the invite.


This looks incredible, Star Blazers was absolutely my favorite cartoon as a kid! How did the session go?