Warp Shell Game Tonight


Hail shield wall! We of the old Hellbound crew fly the winds of time again, tonight at 7-10 CST. We are looking for 1-2 more lumpy heads to join our crew. We’re playing TotM over video, with Google Sheets as VTT for campfire effect (shout out to @Kreeba for his work). DM me if you’re interested.

In a splintered-off timeline, Xa’as has melded with the rescued warp shell. The crew sets out to rescue their friend Quillion from Volrac’s realm in Hell. An infestation of xenomorphs threatens to destabilize the region. Will they find Quill and get out alive? What will become of the xenos? Who is watching them - be they friend or foe? And what enigmatic stranger is trapped in Hell with them, leaving breadcrumbs for them to follow? Find out tonight on Hellbound: Splinter Shell!


That is really cool! I wish I could join, fortunately time-zones don’t work out.

Honestly, I think you might be the first group to use GSRPG, so please make notes on any frustrations or post up improvement requests. I can then update the base system. Are you going to use it alongside Hangouts?

The way I sat it being used as a GM is to GSRPG opened as the VTT, then another Google Slides, where I would have everything prepped, such as maps (as slides), enemy tokens, loot tokens. Then as and when your players discover new things you could copy/paste over the slides and assets from your GM Google Slides into the Game GSRPG. Is that what you are planning to do?


I have prepped the slides for the encounters. I made a giant grey rectangle to obscure the slides. When I reveal each slide, I’ll just delete the rectangle.

I’m only using it for campfire effect, so not using a lot of assets.


Still room for two more lumpy heads!