Warp Shell Game Tonight - Need 1



Sorry for the short notice. I’m running a Warp Shell game tonight online and am looking for one additonal player. The game will be on Roll20 and will use Google Hangouts for video and voice. The game will start at 9:30 Eastern.

Character guidelines are 12 point builds, 4 milestones, but no Mecha or Outsiders


i would love to play.


@Lakins Hey Brother, I’d like to give some preference to someone who hasn’t played with us yet, but if no one else expresses interest, the slot is yours.


no problem. i totally understand.

i will make a guy just to be ready… lol


Thanks for playing, @Lakins! That was a super fun game with you guys.


that was alot of fun @Alex. i am looking forward to our next adventure.