Warp Shell Game Starting Seed



Hi there Shield Wall, long time viewer - first time posting!

Just snagged all of ICRPG from drivethru and while I’m waiting on my soft copies of Core and Worlds I’m working through the initial idea of a Warp Shell game. I love my 5E game but something about a new (to me) RPG always makes me want to abandon what I’m doing and try the new thing … so this weekend I got to thinking.

I’m thinking of borrowing the idea of shifting stats to the Fate Accelerated Approaches to help break my players of D&D habits - having the traditional 6 stats while good isn’t going to help my players not think “Why aren’t we just playing D&D”.

NOW onto the game idea!

The initial location will be an Ice Planet (name to be determined) at the edge of the habitual zone, thus it being icy but still life sustaining, where a Warp Shell has long been stranded/dormant and has become the center of a town. Think if crew if Lost In Space hadn’t gotten their ship out and made friends with friendly natives … that is sort of the starting location I’m thinking of.

Obviously I don’t want the game to stay on this Ice Planet, so at the end of the first session the Warp Shell will “wake up” and this puts the PCs in the position in the subsequent session to get off world and explore.

Reading the Core pdf I think going into Last Flight of the Red Sword second/third session might be cool as it will let me give out Warp Shell lore while the group explores the ship and figures out they aren’t alone in the world

I come from D&D and Savage Worlds mostly though I’ve played much more … ICRPG combines the fast, furious, fun of SW with the d20 mechanics of D&D in a great way so it has me wanting to get it on the table yesterday!

Any thoughts or suggestions on my idea? How have you used ICRPG after playing other games?


One approach is to start changing just a couple of things in your normal table rules that are ICRPG, but don’t necessarily call it that. In other words, just homebrew your way into ICRPG incrementally. That should help avoid the culture shock.


Can’t say easy into a new game is my usual go to - but I can see with ICRPG’s similarities to 5e and other d20 system how that would be a good plan.

Says the guy who just spent his lunch hour roughing up his starting location


That’s a good looking map


Thanks! It’s a combination of Hank’s Blood & Snow Assets and 2 Minute Tabletop Assets. It needs some massaging to make it what I want mostly buildings and such in the area below the cave


I’m not much for a physical journal, but I did make a Trello “journal” to put my thoughts in which I hope will work for me


You scared me. I thought the Target 20 was for the entire session. I see it’s just a call-out. Looks like I need to check out that Trello.


I’m not THAT evil a GM.

That’s my reminder for how DCs work in ICRPG vs D&D 5E. I will probably put the targets into each Trello Card which I’ll use to create rooms/areas and then I can access info quickly when setting up things in Roll20