Warning about difficult subject matters


So there is an upcoming game here

And there is a content warning.
However it is vague, and while I am sure we are all adults and can deal…I am interested if anyone has a method of shorthand that most would know…personally I would use books and or movies, but as I have aged, I don’t know if certain books carry the same impact they did back in the day, or if they are as understood as their shorthand.

I am sure Video games are decent, but there is little common ground as you go dark. This War of Mine comes to mind, but if you didn’t play it, you don’t understand.

The movie “Seven” equals gut wrenching mystery that is going to end tragically, and there is little you can do about it.

The Book “IT” supernatural horror, along with terrible choices and no one believing you…mental health and all sorts of other nastiness. (did not see the movies yet, am waiting to see them both in a marathon.)

The movie Eyes Wide Shut, is a crazy inclusion into a world few conceive of as being there, and bad things happen, and you can’t do a thing about it.

The movie Event Horizon, all you hold dear is used against you in the most horrific way imaginable.

I am trying to keep from mentioning trauma that is triggering, but using movies or other pop-culture references to paint the picture of the subject matter.

I guess I am asking what is a decent way to warn people, and not trigger people at the same time? If we want to explore the darker side of humanity in a game.


Very valid post. I wasn’t sure the best way to add that warning in the post you mention. But, perhaps along lines of TV rating system how they’ll post the warning is in regards to Nudity, Violence, Drug Use, etc.


To make sure you don’t make anyone too upset you can always implement a red card. Every player would have one. If the description of a scene gets too uncomfortable for someone they can toss the red card and you can fade to black, letting everyone use their imagination to fill in the blanks for the rest. This way you can still push the envelope, but know immediately when to pump the brakes if someone is getting close to their particular edge. In this case I suppose, since it is online they can just send a whisper message to you, which is even better since it doesn’t “out” the uncomfortable player.


I do the X-card at my table games. PM would work online. I think OP is looking at more how to clearly set expectations prior to hitting the table.


Ah, I gotcha. In that case perhaps doing a real quick session zero with the players who signed up would do the trick. I know this doesn’t help with the advertisement of the session to pick players up, but everyone draws their line in a different spot so it’s hard to explain those things before you know who you’re playing with. Plus, if you do the session zero early enough and someone has to bow out due to the game content, it still gives you time to fill that spot. Maybe just a real quick convo on discord or some similar form of communication so you know where the hard stopping points are after you have your group set is a good course of action?


I don’t implement X or red cards at my table because I usually don’t go too far or into descriptions… however, I would prefer a session 0 rather than a red card. If a player really feels uncumfortable, he’ll bow out and you guys are mature enough to respect him. :slight_smile: He trusts you, after all, since he is your friend and player.

Don’t let it stop you and enjoy the game! :smiley:


I was gonna say X Card, but you’re already on it.

ETA: The other thing is the power of a well timed “FADE TO BLACK BioBreak 5 minutes y’all!”


This might be of some help



Nice folder resource☝🏼. Thanks.