WAR | MAKER Premise and Forces I have come up with!


Hey all, I recently picked up WAR | MAKER and read through it. As an exercise to experiment with the System, I decided to make a Premise and small rooster of Forces to go with it. I will admit, my Premise “Friday Night Slaughter Bowl” is based off of Blood Bowl (just with the fantasy elements stripped away). I figured it might be a fun thing to make for me and my players to play when we either are waiting on our normal game to start or just want something to play when we are bored.

I wanted to share with you all and see what you all think. Hope you all have a nice evening and Rock On!

War | Maker - Friday Night Slaughter Bowl

Welcome to Friday Night Slaughter Bowl! The Greatest Prime Time Sporting Event of all Time!

Setting Premise

Friday Night Slaughter Bowl is a gladiatorial, cousin of Football where clash with one another on the gridiron to either completely slaughter each other or get the ball from one end of the field to another.

In a given year, whole conferences come and go as teams and men clash on the playing field of the country. Winning and losing games each Friday Night, losers stew over their loss and plan vengeance for the following Friday.



Regular, Melee Forces 3. The Front liners of the Team, Tacklers help keep the other team away from the thrower or the QB. ARMORED.


Regular, Melee Forces 1. The Flexible backliners of the Team, Linebackers are meant to be the reactionary players and catchers for the Team. FAST.


Regular Ranged Force 1. The main means of the ball moving without running, the Throwers are the catapults of the team. SNIPER.

Quarter Backers

Heroic Melee/Ranged 1. The Pretty-boys and girls of the team, the QB can serve in multiple roles on the field and are the most flexible players on the field. (ANY TWO ABILITIES).

New Rule/Framing: The Football

The Common Goal of the game of Slaughter Bowl is either destroy the Enemy Team or to move the Ball into the goal on the opposite end of the field. At the Start of the Round, one side starts with the football, they can move the ball between FORCES (starting with a Thrower or Quarterback) and either throw it to a friendly FORCE by throwing or handing it off to one another FORCE.

The Opposing side can try and stop the ball by attacking the FORCE holding the ball and either kill the opposing FORCE or Steal the Ball away (Stealing the Ball is an Attack but declaring you want to steal rather than kill).

The WIN CONDITION is either destroying the Enemy Team or Getting the Ball in the Goal 3 times. The Reward for Winning the Battle is a fresh Reserve Unit.