I’ve read through the PDF obviously but a real book is so much nicer!
Has anyone had any of the dice made yet? And if so where?


Special dice? Mm, now that I like!


Yeah you get the STL files with the digital version :+1:


Oh nice, I need to buy it, then!


I may order my copy today, I have no idea how the game plays though. What’s this about custom dice??


It uses binary dice, hanks made his own and he’s included the STL files for you to get some 3D printed, currently looking for somewhere to print some


Ah so I presume I could use normal d6 in its place if I don’t get them 3d printed?


Yeah, I just use regular D6 and then a 4-6 is a hit and 1-3 is a miss. I scoured the internet and couldn’t find “cheap” binary dice. The cheapest for me was ordering different colored sets of D6’s to represent each army on the field. And even my 4.5 year old is getting fast at separating hits from misses.