Wanting some help learning Digital Art



Hello Shield Wall,

I’ve been using my Remarkable tablet to create art for a while, and have just purchased a Wacom Intuos drawing tablet to provide more options in digital art. Opening my mind up to color and brush types and its all fairly overwhelming!

Was wondering if anyone hear had some killer resources that helped them learn the craft of digital art to help me sort out what to pay attention to.

I am using Affinity Photo on Windows, so most photoshop tips should apply as its probably just different buttons to find.

Going to be focusing on coloring some line art I already have done, as well as some basic battlemaps. First example of coloring is below! Lots of fun to do, and still lots to learn. Would appreciate any help, thanks!


That thing is a killer :scream: Love it!

As for resources, these are some of my favorite resources (and I’m still working through it) :smiley:



I too follow Frankentoon. Sign up for their news letter and you get access to some great deals and vectors


Jazza has a great deal going right now for brushes and a digital painting guide.


Hey, I’ve been meaning to respond here, sorry about the delay!

Congrats on the new tablet, that is a huge step forward! It is easy to go down the rabbit hole with Youtube but you can find a ton of tutorials there. There are a lot of resources for Photoshop stuff that may or may not be able to be translated to what you are using (I have not sought that out personally). I found it easier if you search for very specific tutorials rather than general stuff.

Just a thought here but you may want to look into clipping masks, opacity adjustments, and how to organize layers. There are many different ways to achieve the same results so a lot of it comes down to basic familiarity by simply spending as much time as possible experimenting and then understanding what a process/tool actually does.

The best advice I can give is to work on your art as much and as consistently as possible, things will fall into place over time. Another piece of advice is to keep experimenting and to not become attached to any one way of doing things.


Thanks all for the recommendations, I’ve been taking bite size pieces of these as I have the time. It’s wild to see what people can do, feels like jumping in the deep end. For now going to work on colorizing (my wife has referred to it as my coloring book) :grinning: