Void Mage



Void Mages
Enemy Npcs

A splinter group of mages that sacrificed their ability to cast magic to instead suppress magic at will. Often these mages weren’t “good enough” to join the magic institutions of the land and opted to sacrifice their magic abilities to hinder the mages that spurred them making them ideal mage hunters.

Their void power range vary depending on how much magic they sacrificed when becoming void mages.

In ICRPG Magic terms, the highest level of magic they could cast before becoming void mages determines their range.

level 1 = Supress magic from all chosen targets within FAR range
level 2 = Supress magic from all chosen targets within the scope of the battlefield
level 3 = Supress magic within a town/city/dungeon/etc.
level 4 = Supress magic within a country

inspired by the mage breakers in the powder mage book series


This is cool. I was thinking about Celes from final fantasy 3, the Runic Knight. She can use her sword to neutralize and absorb any spell cast by friend or foe around her. Absorbed spells make her gain MP. Would be a cool to do something like that in tabletop. Could have absorbed spells stored to cast back or some other cool mechanic.


For an NPC great… for a PC…might be a bit disruptive to a campaign.


Hey good idea man. I like it

Could be a spell or even a magic sword with that idea.

Runic Blade:
Does Magic effort to a close target.
Special: Hold the sword up high and it becomes a magic lighting rod, redirecting all magic spells to its sharp point and nullifying them completely. Can be used on any turn 1d4 Cooldown?


Opps yes I should of clarified they were intended to be an enemy npc class. updated

A high level void mage could be an interesting npc who is suppressing magic in a dungeon to keep some powerful artifact, magic bomb, or something from spilling into the world.

If a player wanted to use this as a class I’d recommend nerfing it down to NEAR raidus on level 1, Far on level 2, and so on. Maybe even touch on level 1.


Yes that’s cool or make it so Runic Knight must make a check of some kind or take magic damage. Would make it risky. Absorbing fireballs into your sword sounds like a dangerous technique.


That sounds awesome as like a kinda held action with no cool down,

Once per ROUND can lightning rod any spell toward you, make a WIS check, on success you can send the spell toward a new target of your choice, otherwise the spell resolves with you as the target.


This is great! Two ideas come to mind instantly.

Used for the forces of Good, this ability can be used to safely imprison evil spellcasters. Or perhaps some void mages choose to live as hermits, quietly suppressing evil artifacts until magic is discovered to ‘unmake’ them.

Used for Evil, this ability channels any nearby magical energy (or certain magical energies) into the Void. Something terrible is out there… and the more It is fed, the more Its hunger grows.


Depending on uses, the Runic Blade will absorb friendly spells, as well. I remember forgetting that I used that skill and had Celes absorb my own spells. I also think the big thing is that is an action, so they can’t swing for damage and then absorb incoming spells.

The void magic could be fun to see how it interacts with magic items. “Those guys aren’t scary because I don’t use spells, I use a bow!” their Storm bow no longer does magic damage and requires arrows, does the ranger still carry any? The Duranium Necklace can no longer deflect damage.Void Mages can be really scary, especially if the players are cocky.