Viking Death Squad - Final fight battlemap and idea



Howdy all

I recently ran an expanded module based heavily on Hank’s Viking Death Squad one-shot game (

In my game I had various tweaks and changes, like the players could create heroes from any time period in Earth’s history, not just Vikings. It also ran for quite a few sessions more, I had about 14/15 encounters all up, and a middle section with humans holed up in an undergound bunker.

Anyways, in the final battle against Lucifer, I brought the adventure “full circle”.

The battle took place at the bottom of a huge chasm filled with lava and demons, but still on Earth.

At the start of the battle, Lucifer has a shield around himself, channeling power from a portal to hell in the middle of the room. The shield makes him invulnerable to any damage. Overhead in the sky, one of the spaceships from the start slowly positions overhead. The players were able to call in a Freeze ray attack, and the spaceship fires it attack down on them all. To protect the portal (his source of power), Lucifer switches his shield into a bubble around the whole room. But now he is vulnerable.

The players then defeated Lucifer, causing the shield to collapse, and thus the Freeze ray hits them all. And so, once again, they are frozen in time, much like how they began the adventure…

I was a fun finale, I thought I’d share the idea and the battlemap I created for it, in case anyone wants to reuse the idea or the art (art works well in Roll20/VTT).
The third pic is for dropping on top of all the layers/tokens, to give a frozen over effect.
Fourth pic is a portal token I created from stolen art (sorry I dont know who to credit for the pics I mashed together). I wasn’t happy with the portal I drew portal on the map, and in a rush I just dropped the new token over the top.
And the last pic is an example of it setup in Roll20.



Holy balls of fire! What a blast!