Vigilante City Map Tiles



I’m working on some simple map tiles to use in Vigilante City, or any modern setting I suppose. The art is from Zombicide the board game, but I’m editing them to have complete streets, multiple layouts, and removing some of the zombie look (like blood stains). They aren’t the highest resolution, but they are 8" x 8" squares on 8.5" x 11" paper for easy printing. Once I’m done, I may also turn them into PNG files for use on Roll20, along with some cars, manholes, and other movable objects. I will post a sample one below and there are a few already uploaded to my Onedrive page here:!AnfnHpdtXMH-gxjf4Q262oeg08NN?e=UcPeju

I search for some good VTT City Maps, Builduing etc

Yes, please. And thank you.


Link’s not working for me. That’s a nice idea though and the sample looks good!


Thanks! Try the link again, it should be working now. If not, I don’t know why.


Thank you! That’s good stuff! :slight_smile:


Kindred’s never ending awesomeness!


i messed around in photopea. separated the 2 items for better map placement:wink:



Added some more PDF’s with pre-gen layouts and then added a folder of PNG’s for use on Roll20 or similar sites, including streets, buildings, and some items like cars/etc. If people like these, I’ll work on adding more over time.


Awesome! Thank you very much for the great collection! :slight_smile: