Vigilante City: City Dice



Hello there! I’ve been re-reading Vigilante City for a game that I will be running and I usually roam around ICRPG books with my eyes since I am so used to the layout but this time something caught my attention: the city dice.

The book simply says: Roll 1D6 within the District, or use the ‘clock’ 1D12 roll to zoom in.

But what does it mean? How does it work?


You make this roll to choose a random location in the city. Like rolling a D8 for compass directions (N, Ne, E, Se, S, Sw, W, or Nw), you can roll a D6 for a pie area of your city, or even better, roll a D12 and allow the number to reflect which direction of your city is having some event.

So, I might roll a D12 and get a 9. Okay, so now I know that the far west area of the city, The Docks, at the 9 o’clock position, for example, has trouble. Villains are offloading dangerous chemicals at the docks! Batman might need to check it out!


Ah! So it’s an orientation clock? Neat!
Thank you for your answer!