VDS Hackers Core: Hack!



This is for use in an upcoming game I plan to run. Churned this out in about 3 hours total. I used a lot of the existing skills in VDS, reskinned, and added a few of my own. Only two types: Dwarves and Humans with 4 roles for each. Let me know what you think!


Updated: Forgot to add the types. They are there now!


Updated document again. Typo on skill use. It is actually 1x per turn or location, depending on the context of the skill. For example, weapon spec can only be used once per turn. Smith only once per location. Removed the hacker core text about creating types as I added my two types in.

Note that I have not included gear lists or spell stones as of yet. I will update those tomorrow.


Updated document. Gear, Armor, and spells included now. Will be adding Elves and Small Folk later. I have them handwritten just not typed.


Ok, I think I’m done making major revisions to this for now.

I added Elves and Small Folk with a blurb about when they are available. I’ve made them only options after they’ve been encountered in the campaign, so all characters begin as either Human or Dwarf still, and if a character dies after the PC’s have seen/met/encountered Elves and Small Folk, they can then create one of those types at that point. I have also rearranged the sections a bit to flow better. Cleaned up the GEAR a bit, and explained the Magic a bit more with the reasoning behind Stones, Scrolls, and Potions.


Streamlined it slightly and renamed the stats. Most of the changes were to fit with my group, and now it’s entirely player facing rolls if I so choose. Cheers!


This is awesome! I would love to hear about how your sessions with this hack go!

Does a document exist with just the barebones core mechanics of the VDS system? I’ve been reading the stormlight archive books lately and immediately thought that stormlight (or mana/power/special gizmo currency) could equal resolve. Seeing your tweaks to the system has got me itching to try and put together an “inspired by” type of campaign after my upcoming initial foray into VDS with my group. I want to run a game about fantasy supers riding storms, lashing gravity, melding stone and slaying demons with shard blades. It feels like the D6 pool would suit this type of over the top setting much better than D20 vs target mechanics would.


Just had an update email from modiphius and a download of the hackers core so my question is no longer relevant.

I would still love to hear any war stories from your experiences with your hack at the table though!


Hey Josh. I was out of town this week for work so sorry I couldn’t respond sooner!

I will be running my first session with this hack tomorrow evening. I’ll be sure to update this thread with my experience.



First session report.

The implied setting and the feel work perfectly within this rule set.

Mechanically, the nerf to how many times a skill can be used calmed the battle flow down quite a bit. Still faster than most ttrpgs and brutal combos can be and were had, but nothing like a single character wiping the board solo.

Using a room target worked out exactly like I wanted it to work. Kept the flow moving and everyone knew if they succeeded at any roll very quickly and easily.

Wounds did not come up as armor wasn’t broken in the single combat we had.

The big change to making every enemy attack a REACTION roll tied to different stats is the real beauty imo. All the players enjoyed it and it kept everyone engaged during combat.

Pushing gear is still a thing of beauty. Thanks Hank!

The narrative outside of combat flowed smoothly without making players roll for things. Instead I would place a time cost on actions. For example, they were traveling alongside a river from point a to be. I didn’t make them roleplay the whole trek, but I did have a short list of encounters, d6, that they could see. One was finding four human and two Dwarven men hanging from a tree on the other side of the river. Two players wanted to cross and let them down, to help get the vultures off of them. They asked what they had to roll, I said nothing, but if you want to cut them down and give them proper burial, it’ll be 9 hours(rolled). They decided to spend just an hour to cut them down and continue on their journey.

All in all the group wants to continue the game and I do as well. I want to really push combat the next time we play in two weeks to see what is what.

I encourage anyone interested to try this out and let me know how it goes for you!



Checking out your updates! Using Time as a cost is perfect. I always enjoy the “auto” success in exchange for time. “This will take some time” mindset.


Thanks for the update :slight_smile: Sounds like a good time was had!

Your time as a resource/cost does sound cool.

I’m keen to hear of future sessions if you’re wiling to share them.


Personally, I think your use of wounds was PERFECT! It allows for injury, and the roleplay of those injuries, and I feel it only minimally reduces the lethality of the system.
Good show!


Based on some other ideas I’ve come up with as well as from Jack’s Fear No Evil hack, I modified some bits for a new version called RUNES and RUINS. It’s available here:

If you so choose, let me know what you think!


Ok. I have done a TON to this HACK over the last couple weeks. I’ve added a ton of things, changed some things, and the thing has become it’s own game now.

It is hacked from the VDS Core, ICRPG, the GloG, JDs Westocalypse, and TBH2e. It contains a GM section (mostly tables from TBH2e, but some pulled from the GloG), and some Mutations based off of JDs wonderful system, hacked to fit within this context.

I’ve formatted it into a better looking PDF format, and I’m really digging it. I have added some public domain art as well.


Since I’m sharing this here, I added the OGL just in case, though I do not intend to sell this at any point. This is just a game that me and my group are enjoying, and all the pieces come from my favorite systems, which I have hammered into a single cohesive(I feel it is at least, ha!) game system.

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. It’s not perfect, but so far I’m loving it!