Vampires will they be wiped out by the Dirty Jobs Crew?



Digging the Dirty Jobs Crew recap and the hunt for the source of Vampirism! That is so epic, diving into the deepest dungeon to find a river of “blood” Can’t wait to hear how it ends!! I did a vampire set of tokens back in the day. Here is my fav of the group. Feel free to use it for your games in honor of the Dirty Jobs Crew, you know before they wipe out all vampires as we know them.


I must be completely out of the loop, what is this in reference to?


@jigokubosatsu the campaign that Runehammer/Hankerin Ferinale/Ingrid Burnall/ has been recapping in his Youtube Streams. The Dirty Jobs crew is on a quest to cure vampirism from their world and they found the source and they delved deep into a mega dungeon to try and reach it to destroy it. Epic stuff.

For me my Vampire game was called “Slaves of the Night”

A campaign night of 3 battling vampire houses. When the highest of all Vampire Princess ran away with her servant the slaves of the vampires rose up, thus sparking the battle between the houses. The house mages brought forth to bring the darkest spells. Thus the longest night began and engulfed the world in a darkness that lasted for months. A few vampire hunters dealt with the outlying battles that fell over into the small villages but nothing could stop the blood lust.

I created a Token pack of all the Vampires I drew, and wanted to share my favorite with you all.


Your illustrations are really well done! I dig the aesthetic!


@rpgerminator Thanks!