Vampires for ICRPG?


Has there been an urban fantasy setting put out yet by anyone for vampires for ICRPG and/or resources on how to build vampires in the game?


No, sorry. But I’m sure that you could look up Vamprie: The Masquerade for inspiration! :smiley:


Not yet. But to quote Picard: Make it so! :slight_smile:


There’s this

Current version is 2.0, it’s PWYW so you can download it for free. If something doesn’t work, let me know :wink:


There is also Blood Hack, which is a pretty decent nod at Vampire: the Masquerade for TBH.


An addendum to my not-so-helpful Picard-post: I GMed a Warp Shell-campaign and one player played a homebrew class called Yualli (which basically was a space vampire). The character had a blood dice-mechanic, which was a mix of Forbidden Lands-ressource die and Vampire: The Masquerade rouse-checks.
I’ll just post it here, maybe it’s of use for a Vampire-bioform. :slight_smile:

You can also tie certain abilities to hunger checks or have the vampires make hunger checks every day or after a set number of rounds etc.


what did they use the Blood die for? did they add it to certain rolls or something like that??


They basically were a ressource to use for abilties or for the GM to demand a hunger check in dramatically appropriate situations. My player’s character had the following ability:

We were planning to add abilities that are powerful but either need succesful hunger checks or consume a blood die. Something like: If you do ability X you can add ULT, if you decrease your blood die by 1 step.


cool! i also play V5 and Im running a Vigilante Game but im having my PC’s Power’s evolve like you learn/grow Disciplines in VtM.

They started with 1 Power and only had the 1st tier of that Power unlocked. They just hit a Milestone so i unlocked the 2nd tier of their initial Power. The next Milestone i will let them get a 2nd (new) Power with just its 1st tier unlocked. Then at the next Milestone, they will have the options of either unlocking that 3rd tier of their first Power, or they can unlock the 2nd tier of their newer Power.
And so on and so forth with each Milestone. I didnt want to take straight from the Discipline system, but it certainly inspired this more linear progression rather than just having my PCs starting with 3 Powers. I wanted them to grow in Powers in this game


hope that made sense lol :sweat_smile:


Where can I find Blood Hack, please?

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