Using Roll20 for ICRPG



Hey, everyone!

It’s been a while, but I was looking into playing ICRPG with some new players online via Roll20. I’ve seen Roll For Effort on YouTube, but I’m not sure how they set it up.

Does anyone have any tips on using Roll20 like they do in Roll for Effort?

Specifically, I’d like to know what software is needed (Hangouts? Or just what is included in Roll20?),
and how to integrate ICRPG icons. I own some icons from when I bought ICRPG digitally.

Any other tips are appreciated.



you can just drag and drop thoe art assets into roll20.

previously when i have played we used discord for voice and roll20 for the video.


I had a related question: I bought the hard-copy of ICRPG because I love physical objects. Is there any way to buy the digital assets separately, or do you need to buy a digital copy of the book to get them?


Normally you want need to buy the pdf.

But if you message Hank I’m sure he would hook you up with them.

That said the PDF is the best purchase as Hank has been grey at updating it.


Yeah man just message Hank, he should be able to help you out.

If not I may be able to email you a copy of the assets.


They come with the original PDF. What you should have done it’s ordered icrpg thru drive thru, you get the PDF with all the assets and then order a print on demand hard or soft cover book. That would have solved all your problems :wink: alas… Your fix now could be just getting the PDF thru drive thru


Yeah, I was under the impression that there was downloadable art, not sure why! In any case, I ordered the PDF in addition to the book to keep Hank’s beer supplies high.