Using Maps or Google Earth for battle maps (help)


I just had a fun solo session in NY using Google Earth. Got my butt beat by Elon Musk… I mean… by Elon Talsla and his robots. Bad bad rolls. We had to run…

  • 10 HP Elites are spawning
    • +4 to rolls
    • +4 Damage
    • Repulsor
    • splits into nanobots when under 5HP
  • Nanobots
    • DMG / ROLLS = +#ofbots
      Resolution: BBEG - evil scientist INTJ “Elon Talsla”
    • Villain: 30+ HP
      • Goal: Supercharge, Friendship - he wants to merge with the bots (and science), create a race of hybrids
    • Timer: 1d4 ROUNDS, nanobots merge with 1d4 bystanders - transforming them
    • self-heal: nanobots heal every round for 1d4
    • +4 STATS/ DMG
    • bodysuit of nanobots
      3 Specialties,
      • “Speed”
      • Blink
      • Transform