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A traveler arriving to Iris

So, a few days talk about he setting i’m writing. Here i add a PDF with some context, history and the region of Lucaris.

First, indicate that I am fascinated by psionic powers in fiction. The fact is that there are a variety of settings with their own magic systems, and psionics elements added later as an afterthought. Psionics as such seems to be set aside in fantasy, unless it is inherent in setting as Dark Sun and Eberron. That is why it occurred to me to put aside traditional magic in favor of psionics in Uraliz.

*Game Expectations
What do you want to play this time? Urealiz is a vast world recovering from the fall of the greatest civilization in its history and its spoils lay all over the place. A setting where different types of players can live incredible adventures, whether traveling the world and knowing the different emerging nations, hunting psionic creatures and monsters in wild areas or wastelands. The classic dungeon with a science fantasy aesthetic inspired by Numenera, Hop, or movie Thor’s Asgard. Save the world from the machinations of secret organizations, the villain of the day, or stop an apocalyptic beast from the past. Geo-politic intrigue, conflict of interest between the most important factions, a war campaign, betrayals and the secret weapon/heir. Or even an adventure for children in high school, learning to manage their powers while trying to save their school, their families, and their grades.

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Very fun outline. The history is nebulous and we don’t know what they ate, what resources where common or what their magic did.

What factions formed and why???

When faced with adversity cultures react differently to the same event. Modern day is a terrible comparison to other times. The Spanish arrived in the America’s with cannons, flint locks, and decent steel, at a time when the entire American culture did not have any literacy. Yet had advance observations, and recorded them.

One culture was in the Stone Age, the other in the steel age. 4000 years of steady advancement, encountered each other.


I think the setting sounds great! Very intriguing.:herocoin:

I guess the next curiosity I have is, from your opinion, what is the underlying theme that you want to reinforce with your setting? Like are you intending players to experience the rush of high technology or more along the lines of a dystopian future where players are just trying to get by in a broken world?


Thanks for these questions guys

Do you mean about the Commonwealth, right @Paxx ? I’ll add some notes about the differences between them and the rest of the world. Also, I didn’t talk about the psionic energy, very important in my setting.
About the time between the Collapse and the or days, i need more time to write it down. What I want to leave clear is that the Commonwealth got fucked up pretty well long time ago. A post apocalyptical world where psionic people can change the world.

That kind of answered @KaneDriscol 's question. I want a setting were people can play any kind of adventure they want. Exploration of dungeons and ruins, never-old adventure through the world, political conflicts in the Nexus Region, monster hunting with zai’nihitas, a war campaign in the Barukia Empire…

I’ll add some initial nations next edit.

Also, also, consider that this is just some kind of general knowledge people in Urealiz has about where they came from.

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Ruins of the old world


Awwww geeeees. I wrote out a huge post…and the server ate it, and told me it was to similar to a recent post, so I thought it posted…Bullet points

  • Great looking visual art!!!

  • Truth, history, legend, lore, heritage are all different things that people often think of as the same thing or totally different…except for concrete truth, the rest are stories, some with more or less evidence, but evidence does not equal truth.

  • I am using the word magic, for anything that does not follow understood laws in reality( warp speed, the force, laser swords, A.I. With above human intelligence yet with human motivations) all magic.

  • ICRPG seems going in the direction is less is more, let the table create more by describing less and motivating more.

  • the designers need truth for consistency, the GM needs history for motivation, the players need legends and lore for aspersions.

  • information did not spread in the world as it does today. Technology often took hundreds or thousands of years to spread. Trade routes made it faster, books made it faster, videos made it faster, the internet has made it incredibly fast, yet we don’t have more truth as a percentage of idiocy…just more information.

Perhaps the bullet points will help you more then my way too long post.


A new day begins. Thanks @Paxx for taking your time to write it again.

The God of Internet may want a sacrifice for it hehe.

It does help a lot the bullet point formating.

I know!! Man, i got some other artwork i’ll be using. I’ll add the autors as it correspond.

Hmm here i assume rewriting the text to make it look like “We THINK this is happened, buuuut we’re really not sure. There’s lot of tales about the old days” will help. Was thinking of a section call “Origins” in every region talking about how it was established should work fine.

The psionic related topics are kind a note to myself. This is where the loot comes from after all. The technological advancement of the edhinn’te are what help spread the information/knowledge in the past. I’ll talk about it later.

And this is why we love it. I’ll put a PDF following the formating of WORLDS and BEARCATS, thou i’m doing everything from my cellphone. At least now, the writing stage.

Thanks for the tips, man.


PDF added to the post.


Really good Primer…

add character building notes, mile stones and we have a new world to play in.

Add some more feel of a particular place, and we get an understanding for that corner of civilization. (day to day living or an adventure there)

Add a few Loot menus and we get a feel for what is around in the world. and a glimpse of how it interacts.


It’s on the way. I’m thinking in a combination of the way @Ardon creates PCs and charac creation in other rules lite RPGs.
It make take me a while, but tables for every psionic school are coming too.