Updates Hardcore for patreons?


In Hank’s latest live stream he mentioned an extra page for Hardcore has been made on DTRPG. Is this available for patreons who got Hardcore via… patreon?


Have you tried downloading it again and checking the version? If it’s the old one try poking Hank.


Yup, version on patreon is same (1.9)

Maybe its intended that updates are only available to people that purchase it? (which I’m totally fine with and would buy in that case)


I think 1.9 is the most updated version, but if I’m wrong I’m okay with that because more stuff!

Edit: Just check DTRPG and the up to date version is Ver 1.9.6. Is that the one you have?


Thanks for the reminder. I meant to buy this earlier when it came out.

What has been the pattern is that Patreon stuff doesn’t get updated usually. (This is not a complaint. In general, I’d much rather HF spend his time making cool stuff than having to run around updating all the versions of various things out there on all the sites.)

I usually buy his stuff when it hits available channels, like DTRPG, whether I have a Patreon version or not. That has been where updates tend to pop up when they occur.

That said, I’m behind the news curve on listening to podcasts etc. what is the new page about in 5EHCM? I see there’s now one more page, but without sitting down and doing a page by page comparison, it didn’t jump out at me what was added.


Just bought it. Got Retune softcover whilst I at it :smiley: