Updated: OSE House Rules


UPDATE: I have worked on a new set of Hose Rules for my OSE Game since it has been on pause whilst running my ALTERED STATE game. We are going to be playing in a custom version of ALFHEIM, so I needed to do some tweaks. Feel free to steal/use anything you like, and thanks to Hank for providing the wonderful land of Alfheim!


Tweaked a couple of things. The Gerblin class seemed OP at first, so I lowered it a bit. Changed the Hit Die from 1d6 to 1d4, slowed their Attack and save progression by one step at 4th and 7th levels. The Tortons I changed ever so slightly in that my house rules, no familiars for Tortons, as they were seeming to be OP as well. I’m pretty excited to get this game going after my group finishes our Altered State game. Cheers!