Updated One-Page player Handout


To start with this is not my original.

This is @DMchef’s original work.

All credit goes to the original creator. I just tweaked it with 2e Quickstart update.

Pics to see what you are getting fro
m PDF download link at bottom of post.



Shout out to @DMChef for the original reference sheet:


Thx, credit given to da chef.


What are the things under the Hero Coin thing?


They are bundles of 10 “whatever” : hexes, circles, etc.
@DMChef made the original, and may chime in.
But I assume they are for Heart portions (1 of 10) tracking.
They could work pretty good for ammo, consumables with limited uses, etc…


PS, due to the layers on the PDF there are a couple of elements not captured in the images. Don’t print from the pngs!

Totally download the PDF and go that route. Images in post SOLELY to get an idea.


@DMChef and @DanteFaustus Thanks for this most excellent resource!


Great! It says I need access to download though.